Volunteer Application.


1. ONITSHA CITY MARATHON 2023 volunteer is considered the person who has submitted the online application and has received the message of volunteer opportunity placement.

2. Upon submission of the application, every volunteer fully accepts all of the following terms
a. In principle, adults are eligible ONITSHA CITY MARATHON volunteer
b. During the volunteer opportunity on the day of the event, all volunteers:
• Are wearing the volunteer T-shirt and the anorak above all personal clothing so that the logo “volunteer” is apparent and they are distinct and recognisable by runners and spectators
• Are wearing the accreditation card above all clothing, clearly visible. Each card defines area and place of volunteer opportunity
• Are presented on time to the opportunity assigned and in no case, do they change position, area or opportunity on their own, on the day of the event. Any change or substitution is implemented only in consultation with the Volunteer Programme
• Follow and comply with the directions of the station’s team leader
• Sign out the attendance list at the end of the race before departing. Kindly note that lack of sign out signature, is considered absence regardless of the specific time of departure
• Inform the team leader for absence or delay in arrival/check in time, as soon as possible. If the team leader does not respond they must call the Volunteer Desk
c. During the volunteer opportunity at the preparation and registration center
• Are wearing the clothing (t-shirt) defined by the registration center supervisor depending on the position of the opportunity
• Are presented on time at the opportunity place and they do not change on their own at any time, time or place of shift
• Follow the directions provided by their leader or the supervisor, sign in and out and inform asap in case of delay in arrival or absence
d. Collection of clothing and accreditation upon presentation of original ID/passport/driving license. Any other person may collect on behalf of the volunteer the above, as long as the Volunteer Desk has received relevant e-mail.
e. Every accreditation is personal, non-transferable and only for the presence of the owner-volunteer at the specified area
f. In case of absence the accreditation card is returned to the Volunteer Desk and the new volunteer is issued his own accreditation card
g. Volunteers who exchange cards, or if using someone else’s card, then both will be expelled from the programme
h. In case of absence on the day of the event, volunteer must inform team leader as soon as possible. In case of absence without (prior) notification, the volunteer will be excluded from the next event. In the case of not returning clothing and accreditation, the volunteer will be excluded from the programme.
i. The material managed by volunteers during their opportunity, especially at the water stations and the medal station, belongs to ONITSHA CITY MARATHON and is distributed according to the directions of the team leader. Distribution of the above material to just anyone, use of it by people beyond the runners is prohibited
j. Certificate of participation is issued to every volunteer who completes successfully the opportunity and signed out before leaving the station’s attendance sheet. In case of double opportunity/placement, volunteers must sign out both. The certificate is posted on the official page of VOLUNTEERS, ten working days after the end of the event.
k. General introductory training is obligatory to all the volunteers participating.
l. Given the time schedule of the volunteer opportunity, it is incompatible to simultaneously apply for running and volunteering. If found, the volunteer application will be cancelled without prior notice or information.
m. The organizing committee may set morning and afternoon shift wherever necessary in the case that the station’s duration of operation is longer than 7 hours.

3. Re placement, the Organising Committee retains the right at any moment during the event to not place the volunteer or the group to the opportunity noted in the application, given that the first concern is primarily to rationally allocate the volunteers according to the needs of the races and the runners. Then, on a second phase, allocation of the volunteers’ positioning is implemented according to the desire noted in the application. However, the OC may ask a volunteer to depart from the event without any further explanation.
4. Participation in the Volunteer Programme does not consist in any way under payment provision of work relationship nor can it justify any payment claim, it solely refers to the provision of volunteer services in terms of successfully satisfying the scopes of the event.

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