Professor Olusegun Sogbesan is the Director General of Onitsha Business School and the initiator of the Onitsha City Marathon. The Idea of Onitsha City Marathon is a product of an MBA simulation class which was facilitated by Professor Olusegun Sogbesan, being a solution to observed environmental challenge in otherwise energetic and vibrant youth populace idling away.

Onitsha Business school is the coordinator of the Onitsha City Marathon.

Onitsha Business School (OBS) is an initiative designed to harness appropriate educational resources to develop and train the massive pool of commercial, industrial and entrepreneurial talents in and around the commercial city of Onitsha.
While its establishment has been triggered by the peculiar and specific needs of the city and Anambra state, Nigeria in particular, its focus and mission is to become a widely acclaimed Center of educational excellence delivering a strategically crafted range of leadership, vocational and business related academic, professional and skills based programs to a selected category of prospective students
This school takes students beyond the classroom to understand the practical realities of the business world. The Capabilities of managers and leaders are enhanced to address challenges. People are exposed to leading edge-thinking and by that ensure that businesses have the strategic drive to succeed. 

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